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Relax, we’re here. Get ready to take your holiday to the next level. Be it a getaway, business trip or an occasion calling for an event, we aim to meet your every need and request with excellent service. Named the largest and most gorgeous hotel in the atoll, we guarantee that you will leave in anticipation for your next one. After all, you will come back for MO!

Laamu Atoll is 250km from Velana International Airport of Male City, our capital. You will be taking a 35 minute flight on board national carrier, Maldivian, to Kadhdhoo. Your stay will begin as we receive you from Kadhdhoo Airport and take you on a 10 minute drive to the hotel, where refreshments and relaxation await.

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Contact us at +960 6800034 or for details on hiring the hotel for weddings, parties, or gatherings.

Located 231km to the south of the capital city maale, laamu atoll consists of 12 inhabited islands . The main island is Gan, where Mo Hotel Laamu is located. A causeway measuring 18km runs across Gan, Mandhoo, Kadhdhoo and Fonadhoo, making this the largest area of dry land in the Maldives.

Laamu is famously known for its Buddhist archaeological sites dating back to before Maldives embraced Islam. Local attractions include “Haiytheli”, located on Gan, which is a small hill known as the historical Buddhist temple prior to Maldives embracing Islam. “Paree Fengandu” is a lake in the woods, known for its association with old folk tales and legends. Ruins and stories from the disastrous 2004 tsunami also remain in Laamu Atoll.

Should you want more information, our staff will be happy to enlighten you and give you directions on how to make the most of your trip enjoying Laamu’s history and heritage.

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